Women in the World #WITW

I found this on crack book today and I love it:

My own theory regarding this issue is that women don’t believe that they are on the same team because they haven’t had enough team bonding experience-and this is something that is thankfully disappearing.  Team is something that is learned at a young age with little boys and little girls who play team sports or join cadets.  Little boys seem to grasp (and almost jump on) the concept of ‘having your back’ whereas some little girls seem to never grasp this concept and that carries over into the workplace and adult life.

Also, women are more used to having their ideas stolen and are more ‘careful’ about opening their mouths in the workplace.  And not just men do the stealing.  Women steal too.  Arrogant, insecure, ignorant women and men steal ideas and take the credit from others every day.

Your comments…?


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