Who is protecting the kids? A cautionary true story

When we sign our kids up for sports, piano lessons, etc., we do so with joy. Joy that they will be learning something new, having fun & making new friends.

And then reality sets in. Especially in minor hockey where the first rule is that parents will and do behave badly (quoting my dad here). I’m not sure what about hockey makes people insane-does it speak to our hunting/gathering days? But I thought that I had seen some pretty bad behaviour in the arenas when my brother played as a youngster. Then I registered my oldest son for hockey & all hell broke loose.

Recently I was told by his head coach that ‘one more strike & he was out’. Wow. I never received word of the first two strikes so not sure what is going on here.

I asked for specifics & this is what the association president gave me:

‘He doesn’t leave the ice right away when he’s tagged out in British Bulldog & someone else complained that ‘he stole the puck from my kid’.

Are you kidding me? I can’t believe that I am writing this out loud. What has happened to us? Where do we even find the time to ‘complain’ about a six year old boy? Don’t you people have full-time jobs outside the home and children to raise inside the home?

Wow. Will my kids ever play hockey again? Well, the oldest would like to but I’m not so sure now. As a hockey player, daughter of a hockey player, minor hockey referee, assistant coach & mom, I will think twice about handing my kids over to ‘parent volunteers’ from now on.

Sure, you’re giving of your time, but I gave you a gift & now I am taking it back.


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