God(dess), I love shopping! But why can’t i have it my way?

Recently, i was in my neighbourhood office supply store-i always forget how much fun they are-kinda like drug stores (god, i love shoppers!!) for me except on a smaller scale. Things are a little pricier in there, so I’m a little wary. In a drug store, things can also be a little pricier but i usually need those things more than i do a shiny purple metallic binder.

I’d been trying to explain to my 5 yr old what liquid paper /corrrection tape did the day before but ours was busted so i thought i’d get a new one to show him how they work. After all, he will be starting kindy in the fall so he needs to know about these things!!:)

As always, i look for refillable or recyclable when buying anything & usually they are more expensive or just not invented yet. I was pretty stoked to see a Bic ‘Green’ correction tape with 67% post consumer recycled packaging. Right next to this one was a pretty ‘Pink’ for Breast Cancer tape with 20 cents of the $4.54 product going to Breast Cancer research.

Of course, the pink one had NO recycled content. I stood there & bemoaned this oversight on the part of the manufacturer. As i tried to decide which to buy, it hit me. This (again!!) is the story of my life-2 great products but they could have been perfect had their features been combined-20 cents of the purchase price going to fight a good cause contained in 67% post consumer recycled packaging.

I bought both.


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