Yet another Corporate Loser-how is it possible that there are so many??

I was up at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise the other day & as i walked into the building to get one of their delicious healthy hiker sandwiches, i noticed a shiny, new, black BMW X5M (maybe a 6?) sitting there with the words:

Official vehicle of the Fairmont….blah, blah, blah….

Well, my first reaction was to check the back of the car to see if it was a hybrid-nope. My second reaction was to check the dealer that it came from-somewhere in Calgary-well, thanks for buying local, kids.

Thirdly, i realized that i was looking at a Bavarian Motor Works car from Germany, and, hey, wasn’t I standing in Banff National Park of Canada???? Thanks again for buying local, idiots! Wow and i never thought that i’d ever be wanting to look at a Ford Escape Hybrid or something similar instead.

What a disgrace. Shame on the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise-gee, is your manager from Austria or something? Though to end on a positive note, the car was NOT idling!


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