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Disappointed in you, Your Royal Highness

Yes, Ma’am, I am. Why you would host #45 is quite beyond me. He is a lying, ignorant sexist predator criminal with zero redeeming features.

As you are a female and a ceremonial figurehead, I am gravely disappointed in you. Is the 1940’s German in your genetic background overcoming you in your old age?

Some of the world looks to you for guidance. You have made a serious error in judgement. You shall be remembered for this grave faux pas.

Your son and grandson very wisely declined to participate in this utter fiasco which leads me to question your ability to reign and even your exact purpose in the UK.  Maybe it’s time to give it all up and lead an ordinary life, not one in which your foreign bloodlines are being slowly diluted. A life in which you and your family members live to an extraordinary age having never worried about paying a bill all because of happenstance, all because governments managed to keep the rebels in line around the time of your coronation.










grace, just WOW!

Fave things, part deux

For a few years now, well, since May 14, 2014, this little gem has been making me so chill.  Each time I visit this site, and the live stream kicks in, a exhale right thru my entire being.  I’m not sure why but maybe it’s because of watching Gravity and the recollection of the pure silence and calm (well mostly calm) in that movie.

I hope that you get a kick out of it, too!