Family Constellations

Last November, I participated in a weekend long workshop called Family Constellations. It was hugely interesting and amazing-I am hooked! It was one of the scariest things that I had ever done. Of course, I did not realize that fact until it was over. Typical.

So what it is: you decide to work on some issues (personal, family, career, etc.) that you have but have never really been able to deal with, correct or face. Time for fam. constellations. Great name, btw. Makes me think of the planets. You get together with a Family Constellations Facilitator, share your issue or dilemna, state what outcome you would like to see, pick people to represent you and your family members in a role play, sit back and watch what unfolds, come to a resolution. I can not stress enough:

BE PREPARED FOR THE UNIMAGINABLE TO HAPPEN-you will have no idea what to expect until your role play starts. You will be an observer in all of this & the other participants will be guided by your facilitator.

The theory is that we are all effected by our genetic pasts whether we are aware of the incidents that occured in the past or not. This point relates specifically to cellular biology. Wikipedia, of course, gives a great definition/summary of the whole process:

Bert Hellinger is the German Psychotherapist who is associated with Family Constellations. Our facilitator, Annette, spoke about him several times during our workshop.

I would highly recommend that everyone to checkout Family Constellations though it is NOT for the light-hearted.

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