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Past Lives


Lately, I am obsessed with this topic and the fact that every time anything, and I mean anything (ancient civilizations, music, art, smells, food cravings, colours, patterns), strikes a chord with me, I wonder if it has something to do with one of my past lives…


Wikihow.com even has a page called 3 ways to remember your past lives click here.  And that person in the top left image is not from one of my lives!  Or are they…

Vipassana Meditation

Just over a year ago, i did a crazy thing: 10 days of silent meditation while 3 months preggers. Elizabeth Gilbert in her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ refers to this type of meditation as old school / hardass.


It was probably the coolest, scariest, neatest, freakiest, obviously most thought-provoking thing ever. If you think that you can’t keep quiet for 10 days, trust me-u can! It might have something to do with no meat.

i invite u to explore the dhamma. org websites. the one listed above is for Merritt, BC.


Raindrop Technique Massage

I recently was the lucky recipient of my first raindrop technique massage-WOW! very cool & interesting. Lots of layered, unadulterated essential oils, heat & great background info from my technician who gets her oils from Young Living in the US. The wintergreen reminded me of one of my favourite lifesaver flavours as a child-wintergreen! Apparently, the realigning & good effects continue for up to 14 days after!

Here are a few links from the experts/practitioners:




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