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I just signed the petition, “Tell Disney to stand against President Trump’s anti-family policies.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

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The Day After the Verdict, Round 2: Yup, Still a Joke

my name is elizabeth

Maybe this time, I thought before yesterday’s grand jury decision was announced.

Because Daniel Pantoleo, the police officer who choked Eric Garner to death on July 17, has a history of alleged race-related misconduct.

Maybe this time.

Because the NYPD forbids its members from using chokeholds — a rule that went into effect 21 years ago, long before Pantoleo was ever a cop.

Maybe this time.

Because the New York City medical coroner ruled Garner’s death a homicide.

Maybe this time.

Because the entire incident was filmed.  Because you can see in the tape, as the New York Times stated, that Garner was “not acting belligerently, posed no risk of flight, brandished no weapon and was heavily outnumbered.”  Because you can hear him say “I can’t breathe” 11 times before he dies.  Eleven.  Times.

Maybe this time.

But then the news broke.

As I tried to make sense of the decision…

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On School Systems and Working Parent Guilt

Wow! thanks so much for this! It is exactly the same in Canada as the US right now. Parents are finally now speaking to the school boards about excessive vacation time and ‘pd’ days and some parents have proposed only one week instead of two weeks off for March break, which ties into Easter. Currently, there is 2 weeks off at Christmas, March break, as well as July and August off.

Recently, they have added one week off in February and a long weekend in October and November, other then the thanksgiving long weekend. Every second Friday, there is no school for kindy and a half day for Grades 1-6. Parents are bombarded with requests to volunteer in class (support staff has been cut) and school goes from 8:35 to 3:07pm.

This is in Alberta. It is different in other Canadian provinces with much less vacation time. I work Monday to Friday, 9-5 and I volunteer two of my lunch hours per week to assist with the hot lunch program, which parents pay for. I also volunteer teach basic meditation to many classes-I have two children in the elementary school this year but I will be teaching 4 x twenty minute sessions to 4 different classes this year.

As well as running my own household, it is really too much!

I don’t have to run day

Sunday, bloody Sunday.  If you’re like me, you wake up this morning and think: “Saturday…Sunday, Monday… no idea what day it is…wait.  Sunday, yes.”

Happy that it’s still your weekend, sad that it just started and is almost over at the exact same time.  I am truly sorry, but who the hell invented the 2 day weekend?  It is not enough.  It has never been enough.  Well, maybe it was excessive when weekends were only one day, spent at church or something like that.

I’m done with the $, and the exhaustion.  Workplaces are becoming more and more difficult, filled with stressed out and terrible managers with no people skills, less resources, less staff and, I cannot stand it anymore.  I am a great employee and a fabulous manager but I work for Club Fed where none of that is ever recognized.  So what am I now?

Stressed out, disgruntled, disillusioned, life sucked outta me…


Anyway, I’m going to work tomorrow. If I can grab a quick nap in & some tidying and exercise, it’s a super great weekend. But, I will still wonder why we’re killing ourselves with this 5 day work week.



FYI-This is my version of the form letter found on the above website:

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to express my concern about your moronic decision to shut down Parliament.

Some days I don’t feel like working. If I decided simply not to show up, I’d lose my job. There’s too much work to be done to allow for that kind of stupidity, ignorance and irresponsibility.

The same is true for our country. There are too many pressing issues to shut down Parliament for weeks: man-made and natural disasters, joblessness, climate change, the war.

MPs have important work to do on these and other issues. It’s not right that they should be prevented from doing that work because you don’t want to face the House of Commons.

I urge you to bring back Parliament immediately.


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