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These are a few of my fav things…internet part une (1)

Saturday morning!  Yeah!  Time to check the www to see what my fav bloggers, artists, retailers (hee hee) have been up to. As I’m a serious fan (oxymoron?) of Joanna Goddard, I always start with a cup of jo to see her happy weekend post from yesterday and, of course, any days that I may have missed the past week. She has two little boys as well, and though my youngest is just slightly older than her oldest, I still love reading about her parenting exploits and checking out her tips for the art of wrangling any age of child. Just in case I have to…you know…help parent someone else’s kid or one of my own who has reverted back to his toddler days (this happens more often than you might expect!!)

Also, her beauty uniform and mothering around the world features are captivating and inspiring!!  Thanks, Joanna!!

Next, is usually over to Molly Yeh (or is it Yeah??!!) for some amazing cakes, treats and savoury wonders too!  She’s a fierce photographer as well so there is always immediate food swooning following by artistic swooning!!  Yum for Yeh and yeh for yum!

Then over to The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, whom I absolutely adore!  And excitement abounds right now (more than usual) as her new Mercantile has just opened in Oklahoma!  Pawhuska, I believe.  For more facts, here is her link.  She is hiring, too! and I am sooo tempted-being the retail queen that I am. I pretty much live in the polar opposite of where she does but I am so desperately in love with her blog and have been for years, that who cares.  Really.  Who cares?  She speaks directly to my need for good food, pretty things, space and cattle! And, she’s on the Food Network!  So you’ve probably seen her there.  (I haven’t as I don’t have tv #Netflix)

Well, off to work now, but more of my favs to come…

Enjoy your day surfing but try to get some bit of fresh air and outdoor fun, too!!

Important #94callstoaction #youaremypeople #idlenomore

I attended one day of this summit yesterday in Banff, Alberta and, although, I have started processing the sad, moving and horrific information about Canada’s history and Canadian Residential Schools, I will never stop grieving.  That said, I learned many things about my people and when I say my people, I now refer to all of my people worldwide, including you.  You are my people. Especially, my friends descended from First Nations around the globe-you make up my people, you always did and you know that but now I will use the correct syntax henceforth thanks to my friend, Judy.

Please visit banffcentre.ca for more information or the Truth and Reconciliation Commision’s website or your country’s truth site-I hope there is one.  There are 94 calls to action. Please pick one and share with our people.





my favourite summer breakfast by my mum, Helene

Special post from my first guest blogger-my mum!

La Dolce Vita
2 slices Ace bakery rosemary focaccia toasted and buttered
thinly sliced Balderson one year championship cheese-laid on buttered toast
ripe Niagara peach cut-up and eaten with a fork
coffee with warm milk
eaten outside in my screened porch, in the sun, reading a book, with total silence.

Camping-which kind are you?

Are you a camping gal or a 5 diamond gal? (Actually, we are all 5 diamond gals, whether we know it or not!;))

If you are a camper, are you a front country or back country camper? Front country is mostly car camping or trailer, etc… Back country is hiking in with all of your stuff, maybe staying in a little rustic warden/ranger cabin.

I was quite happy to drive in to our most recent front country excursion & head to the Husky (a stone’s throw from our site)every few hours for fresh java & snacks for the kids!! I even hightailed it to Canmore (5 min. drive) later in the day to pick up a six of Mill St. organic beer for dinner. Well, we also had lobster courtesy of our lovely friends with the camper!

Photo from camping last weekend in Three Sisters Campground, Bow Valley Provincial Park:

Connor July 14

best. day. ever.

Normally, you might expect me to say it was my wedding day, etc…some traditional milestone that really is very nice.  But, today, I woke up with my 4 year old, warm and nestled into my side and it just got better.

Bacon & raspberries for breaky-no time for eggs.  Eggs tomorrow, on the weekend.

Shower, no rushing for a change.

Made a cute lil lunch for the big boy (9 year old) & had bread, no guessing, no wondering, no nothing!  It was on the counter.

Off to the Gondola with the Daycare, my kid & my hubby, who was also off today.  Nice short field trip with wonderful people.  Done by 11:30 am!  Wahoo!  Still some morning time to myself/ourselves!

Picked up lunch to go at an amazing Japanese place in town-Chaya.

Ate lunch at home, while netflixing, on the couch.

Napped.  Napped.  Napped.

Picked up kids from various daycares and after school establishments & then went for dinner!

Went home & put said children to bed.  Not the best part of the day but who cares?

Put some cute beads in my etsy cart.

It’s the little things.  The wedding was awesome, 11 years ago, but this was the now.  The present.  The wonderful.

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