Fave things, part deux

For a few years now, well, since May 14, 2014, this little gem has been making me so chill.  Each time I visit this site, and the live stream kicks in, a exhale right thru my entire being.  I’m not sure why but maybe it’s because of watching Gravity and the recollection of the pure silence and calm (well mostly calm) in that movie.

I hope that you get a kick out of it, too!




Hundreds of meters underwater in oceans all around the world, giant plankton are doing essential work in maintaining the Earth’s ecosystem. And scientists have finally found a way to look inside them as they do it. Giant larvaceans are some of the world’s most abundant free-floating sea creatures. And they are key to the ocean’s…

via This gorgeous deep-sea creature can filter atmospheric carbon and bury it in the ocean — Quartz

A mere moment of gratification and celebration…

It meant so so much to me at the time and I had almost forgotten all about until I was reading the (currently sitting at 825) comments of yesterday’s poignant post on acupofjo  and I was reminded of this spectacular moment, courtesty of Adele, at the grammy’s last February…this

“…and I struggled.  I still do struggle being a mom.  It’s really hard…”

No amount of fame or money can help you here.  Parenting.  It’s bloody hard.

Thank you for your honesty, generosity and brilliance, @Adele.

A Really Good Film

I did one of my famous ‘pass out on the couch after dinner’ moves last night.  It was no surprise as there was a new moon on Monday (full moons usually always wake me up around 3-4 am) that I had managed to evade for a few days (aka nights).

So I found myself awake at six minutes after midnight, wide awake.  I went to bed but no luck-really wide awake.

Back to the couch to peruse Netflix new releases and this is what I found-Equity. Wowzers!  Totally appropriate for middle of the night dim grey tone viewing!  Great cast, acting and a great plot.  It examines the differences between male and female (where are the women? #watw) #wallstreet financial wizards and one of our secret fav things-insider trading!!

And, Outlander is on #netflix now!!  Yippee!  Just in time for spring and the nice weather!!

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