Lake Louise

Spent a lovely few minutes in Lake Louise townsite yesterday-early enough that I actually got a sublime maple 🍁 walnut donut 🍩 from Laggan’s (2nd last one left!) and it was quiet enough in there that I could have a quick chat with the nice people working and there were one or two skiers and hardly anyone else. It surprised me and did not hit me until I had left but wow it was nice not to have to share LL with hundreds of people for a few mere moments.

I was reminded of the real Lake Louise from a few years ago before @ParksCanada decided to bus people in and block off the roads to the lakes and hire flaggers to scream at you that you can’t turn there. Where you can’t park anymore and have to plan your visit in advance. I feel like a pioneer woman talking about how beautiful the old timey days were and I hope our kids remember Lake Louise before it was ruined (again). Because surely the worst is yet to come.


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