So I pretty much bailed on you…

My last post was on September 2, 2020. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. It’s been an eternity since then. Panternity?? (Pandemic and eternity pushed together though at this point pandemic probably implies eternity!!)

You’d think that I would have had some time to write but no I slathered myself in donuts and streaming services. The good news is that I maintained home workouts until last September when I joined a zoom workout (phewf). And since my gym is maintaining vaccine passports I will head their tomorrow to resume my membership from March 2020.

So my lovely, friendly, ever-apologizing country is hopefully nearing the end of our very popular #FreeDumbConvoy with some arrests finally tonight in Ottawa.

Well I just wanted to say hi, hope you are well. I am feeling slightly better lately about this nonsense/insanity and I think that we are finally getting there thanks to the vaccines and enforced patience. Goddess love all of our first responders, health care pros, front line workers and our friends and family out there who have steadied us just as we have steadied and supported them. Don’t forget: no one is perfect but we do our best.

Peace out and you are doing great!! xoxo


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