Well here we are…3+ months in…

Almost 4 months in to our global pandemic and here we are. Have you lost it yet? I have (many times but that is normal for me). I have enrolled in a second session of Landscape Paint classes via #Zoom for an hour and a half of bliss every week ( my teacher is amazing- Art With Mindy). I am trying not to be on social media too much (ha ha!) and my daily bike ride is on holidays but I intend to rectify that today.

I have started Deepak and J. Balvin’s 21 day meditation with the Chopra Center once again-link is here if you care to try it out at 18 minutes a day.

In terms of yoga, I have fallen down on that one as well but a great place to start is with Yoga with Adriene who is a dream and accepts no money for yoga that she posts to YouTube (although she receives tons of it in the mail!!)

So I hope that wherever you are you have a wonderful day and here is a picture that I took at Lake Louise, Alberta a few years ago to make you smile…or contemplate that receding but beautiful glacier!!


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