This new world

Seeing the lack of trees 🌲 (on hwy 93) from the great fire 🔥 summer of ‘03 still freaks me out. Fortunately, that is as close as it got to Banff – the edge of the park boundary. My kids weren’t around for that one but 🔥 it came close. They were around for the floods 🌊 in ‘13 ten years later (and they lost the last week of 🏫 school and one birthday party 🥳)and for the Fort MacMurray fire 🔥 in 2016 where 88,000 people were evacuated. These are strange times indeed.

Really the only thing I remember from childhood out of the ordinary is sliding down snow banks on the road that were occasionally 6-8 feet high in the winter ❄️ and that one Ontario holiday 🎄 ice 🧊 storm in ‘98 where half our block had power and the other half didn’t ($5-7 billion in damage).

Hwy 93 west to Radium Hot Springs

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