Shame on the @NFL for its abandonment of Colin Kaepernick and kudos to @Nike for its support (especially financially) of a former 2011 2nd round pick #QB


I appreciate for profit companies, like Nike, that use their marketing power to take a stand and promote what is right in the world.

Also, beautiful tribute to Serena, Queen of Everything, especially tennis and being a first time mom!! Ps. Has the @WTA gotten rid of their archaic rating system yet? While Serena was off having her baby, her standing from # 1 dropped to #454 in the world. While at least the US Open has arrived in 2018!

Oh and have you checked out her new line-I want the black and white tutu dresses she just wore!!


Also, nice tribute to Alphonso Davies who made the @CanadaSoccerEN ‏ men’s soccer team at 16.



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