death…does it lead to uncovering the mystery of life…or just more learning? or is that the mystery?

Someone, and I don’t recall who, an astrologer perhaps, said back in 2016 that we were going to lose a bunch of really creative people. #boofor2016 I think this is a trend that has continued way past 2016. Death as a trend.

We keep losing wonderful people and one would assume that is normal but maybe we aren’t used to it.  Thanks to big pharma and modern medicine, people are living for so long now. In 1900, the average life expectancy for women was 51 and men 48. That stat is, of course, for whites and non-enslaved people. For Black men in 1900, 33 was the average and for black women, 34. Wow. Not even gonna get into that right now.

I heard yesterday that it’s been 2 years since Prince died and his family are suing his doctor for $50,000. Obvi, its not for the $.

I still can’t believe Robin Williams is gone-I spun on YouTube last night for about 20 minutes on a Robin Williams loop staring with Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon. I laughed out loud many times-it was wonderful.

Alan Rickman, Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston’s daughter, hell, I’ll never get over John Lennon. I still remember my mom coming into my room in the morning before school to tell me.

The dead segment at the Oscars has become a moment, if you will, for all of us. And there is always someone wonderful that I’ve completely forgotten about. Probably because they died a few months before.

It is changing. It used to be all of the stars from Gone with the Wind or the silent films that were on the Oscars dead people segment and now it’s a free for all.

Gord Downie, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie. Oh, Aretha Franklin. That voice. Tom Petty. Ugh. George Michael. Natalie Cole. Glenn Frey. Lemmy.

I can’t believe I’ll never see Alan Rickman in a new movie again. That is extreme sadness. I will cherish every second of Harry Potter,  Sense and Sensibility, Die Hard, Love Actually. Why do we feel so strongly about these people?

They enrich our lives in the moment.

Carrie Fisher. Sam Shepherd. Mary Tyler Moore. Mohamed Ali. Gene Wilder.

We learn from them.

We see exception in them.

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