my latest facebook post and quite possibly my last

Posted on my crackbook today:

“Lately, I’ve been saving my feminist (that’s another word for equality for all esp. equal pay) posts for twitter just cause I know how some of you only want to see pics of your friends cute kids who live in another town and are not in the mood for opinions (that’s another word for freedom of expression).

Today I made the mistake of sharing a tweet about salutations for women (miss, ms., mrs.) and someone got so upset that they unfriended me.

They also accused me of being part of the problem. Since they live in my small town and I used to work with them at 2 different places, I tried to salvage the crackbook friendship and send them some love but it was too late. Unfriended.

So, if you don’t like to see me expressing my opinion ( a basic inalienable right that many of your ancestors died fighting to protect) then please unfriend me. If you still want to see what’s up with me, then please unfollow me. That way you won’t see my posts but you’ll still be able to check in on me (your friendly neighbourhood feminist) every once in awhile.

I love hearing stories/opinions/experiences from friends when I post something a little challenging. I want to know if you have had a similar experience or if you have an angle that I have never thought about. Often, I change my thoughts on a subject thanks to your replies and posts.

I am not upset about losing this facebook friendship because a) she is a good person and b) facebook is not real and c) I quickly realized that her words were not about me but about something else that was bothering her.

Thanks for listening and if you have some extra good thoughts today please send them to my former friend. We could all use some xtra love.”


so all of that from this: (excuse the messy edits, Jen is the one who has unfriended me)



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