Alannah’s 8 Great Reasons to go to “Every Woman”

Yup! Next year for sure!

Beyond the Campsite

This seemed like an ideal time to share this post – Mother’s Day weekend – celebrating that special woman or all those female role model in our lives.  At the end of this month Jen and I will be attending our first conference together in Whistler, B.C. – A conference celebrating women – all women – even women unable to attend – every woman. Whoop! We need to make a t-shirt for that. Gosh, Jen and I have so many sayings worthy of a t-shirt these days! {don’t worry guy followers of this blog – we have some guy stuff coming up for you soon}

In any case, this retreat style weekend promises to be nothing short of AMAZING. Every WOMAN™ is an interactive and fun health conference geared to inspire everyday women and to promote the opportunity to try fitness, dance and wellness workshops in a comfortable setting. Well! As someone…

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