Child detained at Lego store

Thanks for your story, Mr. Dunlop. I am sorry that your son was treated so poorly.


image “Stay here and wait for your dad. Customers must be 12 or over.”


Update April 29, 2015:

I spoke to the district manager just now, and the summary is that they will put up a sign saying no unaccompanied children under 12. The safety scenario he suggested was that if the mall was evacuated and my child couldn’t contact me it would be dangerous. I explained the difference between inconvenient and dangerous. Also the store manager denies saying anything outside of “for child safety reasons, this is our policy” – I can’t say that I blame him, to admit to having said that to me would show integrity, but be career limiting for him. 

Comment moderation was becoming overwhelming, I have closed the comments. Thank you for all the kind words and for the alternate perspectives.

End of Update.

The following is a letter to Lego regarding an…

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