Camping-which kind are you?

Are you a camping gal or a 5 diamond gal? (Actually, we are all 5 diamond gals, whether we know it or not!;))

If you are a camper, are you a front country or back country camper? Front country is mostly car camping or trailer, etc… Back country is hiking in with all of your stuff, maybe staying in a little rustic warden/ranger cabin.

I was quite happy to drive in to our most recent front country excursion & head to the Husky (a stone’s throw from our site)every few hours for fresh java & snacks for the kids!! I even hightailed it to Canmore (5 min. drive) later in the day to pick up a six of Mill St. organic beer for dinner. Well, we also had lobster courtesy of our lovely friends with the camper!

Photo from camping last weekend in Three Sisters Campground, Bow Valley Provincial Park:

Connor July 14


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