I don’t have to run day

Sunday, bloody Sunday.  If you’re like me, you wake up this morning and think: “Saturday…Sunday, Monday… no idea what day it is…wait.  Sunday, yes.”

Happy that it’s still your weekend, sad that it just started and is almost over at the exact same time.  I am truly sorry, but who the hell invented the 2 day weekend?  It is not enough.  It has never been enough.  Well, maybe it was excessive when weekends were only one day, spent at church or something like that.

I’m done with the $, and the exhaustion.  Workplaces are becoming more and more difficult, filled with stressed out and terrible managers with no people skills, less resources, less staff and, I cannot stand it anymore.  I am a great employee and a fabulous manager but I work for Club Fed where none of that is ever recognized.  So what am I now?

Stressed out, disgruntled, disillusioned, life sucked outta me…


Anyway, I’m going to work tomorrow. If I can grab a quick nap in & some tidying and exercise, it’s a super great weekend. But, I will still wonder why we’re killing ourselves with this 5 day work week.



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