Manic Monday

It started off fantastically well-9 yo & I were at the hospital lab for his blood work minutes after they opened.  When I saw the 6 vials, I was a little concerned but he asked the lab tech to let him know how much it would hurt and to tell him when she would pinch.  The lab tech was great too.  She patiently and gently answered his questions.

As she finished, Cameron was still breathing deeply, as he had been instructed.  She took out the needle and held the cotton ball down on his arm.  I had positioned myself on the other side of him so that he would look at me during the whole process.  Then, he slumped, his body not quite sliding down the big cushioned chair.  His head fell forward and the lab tech calmly told me to push the red button beside me.

I pushed that button and did not let go.  We both held on to him, propped his head back up and called his name.  Three er nurses were there in literally 2 seconds.  After some cold compresses and calling his name, he awoke.  This moment was pretty darn high on the relief scale for me.

It happened so quickly and so quietly that is was scary.  The reaction time of the hospital team was phenomenal.  I have never felt so secure as when the 3 nurses appeared and were looking after him.  He was brought apple juice and promptly drank most of it.

We were told that this is a completely normal reaction to giving blood.  Especially if you haven’t eaten much or are slightly dehydrated.  Cam had had breakfast (eggs), vitamins and juice.  He has given blood before but this has never happened.

Later on, my mom told me that this always happened to my brother and to warn the lab techs from now on.  So I looked it up, of course.  Here is the link with some great info:



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