best. day. ever.

Normally, you might expect me to say it was my wedding day, etc…some traditional milestone that really is very nice.  But, today, I woke up with my 4 year old, warm and nestled into my side and it just got better.

Bacon & raspberries for breaky-no time for eggs.  Eggs tomorrow, on the weekend.

Shower, no rushing for a change.

Made a cute lil lunch for the big boy (9 year old) & had bread, no guessing, no wondering, no nothing!  It was on the counter.

Off to the Gondola with the Daycare, my kid & my hubby, who was also off today.  Nice short field trip with wonderful people.  Done by 11:30 am!  Wahoo!  Still some morning time to myself/ourselves!

Picked up lunch to go at an amazing Japanese place in town-Chaya.

Ate lunch at home, while netflixing, on the couch.

Napped.  Napped.  Napped.

Picked up kids from various daycares and after school establishments & then went for dinner!

Went home & put said children to bed.  Not the best part of the day but who cares?

Put some cute beads in my etsy cart.

It’s the little things.  The wedding was awesome, 11 years ago, but this was the now.  The present.  The wonderful.


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