Living with 3 boyz-ugh!!!

One is in his forties, another has just turned 9 & the youngest is 4.5…okay so i am the major toilet paper user by far but are there any benefits to this huge amount of bedtime rough-housing, gender-imbalanced living arrangement?

I can think of one:

As soon as all three are out of the house, I feel free! These occasions are few and far between, of course, and usually for mere moments at a time (‘okay, we’ll meet u at the car’-on the way out the door or maybe briefly in the morning on the way to work, in the shower with bathroom door locked-which provokes numerous door poundings accompanied by ‘I have to go peee!  And I can’t hold it anymore!’).

I can now think of another: I am the sole drama queen in the household.

#3-The only pink & purple in the house belongs to me.  (I guess that is kinda #2)

#4-Twice in the last few years, I have heard my 4yo say: ‘Ladies, first’ but once my 9yo said ‘Age before beauty’ so that cancels #4 out.

Surely, there is more than just this…!



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