From my talented sister…

it’s for me!!!

Knitters Rumble!

I am really proud of this project.  I think it came out beautifully.  I love knitting with handspun yarn!

Mostly pink merino handspun hat

The yarn I used in this hat is my “mostly pink merino handspun” (seen in this post) and a gorgeous undyed wool/alpaca/silk blend from Belfast Mini Mills.

The brim is twisted ribbing and the dyed and natural yarns are alternated to give a striped effect to the slouchy/beret style of the hat.  I tried to weave the ends in as invisibly as possible so the hat can be reversible and worn to show the different pattern that the stripes give on each side of the fabric.


1 point: hat

1.5 points: Approx 130 yds

1 point: stash

1 point: design

4.5 points: total

Sidenote on the decor of my apartment:

These are the two paintings that hang in my living room against the delightful backdrop of slopped-on yellow…

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