Change your name – Change your identity

What is up with getting hitched & taking his name? I mean, really, people, it is 2010. I can not believe the vast number of women who actually change their names when they get married. Maybe I’m continually so shocked because i had a great upbringing, surrounded by parents who are still married and lots of friends of my parents who kept their original surnames or hypenated.

A few years ago, I was picking up wedding gifts that I had registered for at the Bay. Goddess, I hate that sort of thing-I like getting the gifts, I just hate the thought of people spending their hard-earned $ on me / us. I casually inquired as to the number of women who changed their names after marriage and was astounded when the wedding registery crew thought a moment and then announced: “75-80%”.

WHOA! “It makes us a family”, they say or “I don’t want my kids to have a different last name”. I just don’t understand this reasoning and yet most of my close friends have changed their names??? Bizarre…

I welcome your comments, experience on this one…

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2 responses to “Change your name – Change your identity”

  1. I too am amazed by the number of women who still change their name upon marriage. Still identifying themselves as chattels of men. Do they think they are scoring points with the new husband. If he wants you to change your name, he is not the man for you. Of course, you have to be confident and emotionally and financially secure to keep your own name. Not everybody is. I know a couple who gave their daughter the mother’s last name and their son the father’s last name. This seems fair to me. Don’t worry, the school is going to know who are the mother and the father, even if they have different names from the children. Presumably the parents supply this information.


  2. I also know a couple with 3 boys & a girl-the girl has the mothers last name & the boys have the fathers. Very cool.

    In most places, names can be changed repeatedly until the child is 10 years old and then the ‘real’ process of name changing and red tape begins.


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