I was buying organic milk at my local Safeway the other day. When i unloaded it from the basket onto the conveyor belt, i noticed that it was leaking. I told the cashier & hurried off to get another one. When i came back the cashier told me that if u lay them on their sides in your basket they sometimes leak! Oh, that’s safe! The great thing was that her tone of voice was very critical-like ‘that’s what u get when u lay the unsafe milk on its side, it leaks’.

I got home & called the manager; he, of course, was very noncommital stating that the plastic tabs are frequently not secure, etc….

The lesson here: hold your milk upside down before laying it on its side in your basket!

A big shout out to my husband for renaming Safeway!


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  1. I just read your post because your blog had a link to our blog automatically generated. I just want to say “thank you” for buying organic milk. If the milk carton in question was Organic Valley, please let me know and I will forward your concern to the staff there.

    Thank you again for supporting organic farmers like our family.


    1. Hi Emily,

      It is my privelege to support farmers such as your family.

      The milk in question was from Delta, British Columbia and is called Olympic. It was in a plastic jug. We don’t seem to have any organic milk available in cartons anymore.

      I recently saw the movie No Impact Man about a family in Manhattan who go off the grid for a year. They visit a farm in Connecticut where the farmers tell them that its better to give the cows antibiotics when they’re sick than to go organic-not sure that i agree with this theory. I was wondering if you’d seen it?



  2. Yes, I have seen the movie. It is very inspiring. I did cringe a little when the farmer was talking about organic dairy. The truth is that we can give our cows antibiotics, we just can no longer sell their milk organically. When a cow is sick on our farm, we treat her first with our line up of many (and useful) organic treatments. These are usually plant based oils, salves, etc. 99% of the time they work. When a cow’s life is threatened and the only solution is an antibiotic, we do treat her and then sell her to a neighboring farm who still farms conventionally. This is common practice in the organic dairy industry.

    We have found that by creating a living environment that is healthy for the cows in the first place, we don’t have many of the health problems conventional farms do. We probably treat a cow once per year with antibiotics.

    I hope that answers your question. You can learn more about our fourth generation organic dairy farm at http://www.zweberfarms.wordpress.com

    Thank you for supporting organic farm families


  3. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for that-very interesting. I did sign up for your blog because it also automatically generated to me when i posted mine.

    I look forward to learning about your farm and the whole process.

    Good luck with planting season!


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