What is with the girlz these days?

I have just returned home from a brief walk into town where i passed by 3 young women (not together) in tank tops with hoodies on but unzipped-its winter here in Canada & i find it quite amazing to see girlz with no tights on under their skirts or in spaghetti strap tank tops.

Am i going insane? I friend i used to work with, who has two teenage girls, is from one of those crazy countries where womyn are treated like crap. He has lived in Canada for decades now. Both of his daughters walk around our little mtn resort town year round in tank tops-tight, clingy ones. They both also wear tons of makeup unlike their mother who is always casually but impeccabley dressed with very au naturel makeup.

Have these young womyn become permanently immune to colds & flus? Did i used to walk around like this & am i getting conservative living in this overly conservative province?


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