Vipassana Meditation

Just over a year ago, i did a crazy thing: 10 days of silent meditation while 3 months preggers. Elizabeth Gilbert in her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ refers to this type of meditation as old school / hardass.

It was probably the coolest, scariest, neatest, freakiest, obviously most thought-provoking thing ever. If you think that you can’t keep quiet for 10 days, trust me-u can! It might have something to do with no meat.

i invite u to explore the dhamma. org websites. the one listed above is for Merritt, BC.


2 thoughts on “Vipassana Meditation

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  1. I found another freaky Vipassana Meditation practitioner!! I sat in Kyoto in Japan with my husband. He also served at Merritt. We used to host sitting prior kids at our house, now life is hectic as it is. I have no idea how to get back. How are you keeping up?? just curious to know.


    1. not really formally keeping up, Yuka, more like thinking about doing it or doing it for a few minutes before falling asleep!!:)

      one day….


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