Euro city names anglicized

I was out with some friends last night & one of them remarked that she hates it when people call Torino Turin & Firenze Florence (the Olympics were on the screens in the pub). Is it so hard to say Roma instead of Rome?

I hate it too and I even hate when u watch a movie set in Greece and the ‘locals’ (ie. the American actors) are speaking English! Not a true representation, people.

Then again, all of our movies would be subtitled and no Hollywood actors would have work-would that be such a bad thing? There are some amazing European actors (see Love Actually-what a great film) as u know, to pick up that slack. Most of whom, speak their native tongue and Americ-oops, I mean English.

From now on, I am going to call Munich Munchen, not Munich. I’m so done with this American anglicizing crap. Just because they can’t pronounce words and names correctly does not mean that I will follow suit.

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