Raindrop Technique Massage

I recently was the lucky recipient of my first raindrop technique massage-WOW! very cool & interesting. Lots of layered, unadulterated essential oils, heat & great background info from my technician who gets her oils from Young Living in the US. The wintergreen reminded me of one of my favourite lifesaver flavours as a child-wintergreen! Apparently, the realigning & good effects continue for up to 14 days after!

Here are a few links from the experts/practitioners:





4 responses to “Raindrop Technique Massage”

  1. Hi Anne Marie 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is nice that Monica posted our links so we can check each other out. I am going to subscribe to your posts. I had a raindrop massage a few years back and I loved it, although I had to stop at the grocery store afterwards and I smelled like a perfume factory! I may or may not be at baby time tomorrow but hope to see you soon… you could bring your crew to my house for tea & goodies sometime….


  2. Hi Tiffany,

    We didn’t make it yesterday but i heard it was really great-we have yet to go this year!! Seems things are busier than ever around here-we’ve been renoing since end of Aug. & will be shingling our roof starting today hopefully. After the roof is on & the windows are in, we’ll be taking a break & eager to start socializing again at our place. I would love to have u guys over too. I was thinking of throwing a little coffee party before Kim goes back to work (this month i think)…

    I wore my raindrop tank for a few days after even though i too smelled like an italian salad!


  3. Hi Anne-Marie:

    I love your new white background. Very interesting info on the massage. I will have to see if it is available in Ottawa.



  4. thanks, mom, glad u approve!!;)

    i think my body may still be detoxing from the rainbow technique-it’s been a month now or more since i had it done. WOW!

    You have to make sure that it’s a rbow technique not a rainbow massage which is different & not as effective. They should also use only unadulterated essential oils from Young Living-the guy that started the whole thing.


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