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‘One of a kind’ tomb dating back 4,400 years unveiled in Egypt

‘One of a kind’ tomb dating back 4,400 years unveiled in Egypt

‘One of a kind’ tomb dating back 4,400 years unveiled in Egypt
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‘Cause we all need this-sleep!

And especially during the holidays!! When sleeping in has potential!

I have a variety of things that I do to start my sleep journey (reading, lavender scented, silk eye patch, bedtime yoga, etc.) but unfortunately, I’m a Netflix binger, too, so I do still have my TV in my room. And so my room is not the oasis that it could be…


Above photo of the Queen’s bedchamber from this site. I have never been to Versailles but it’s always been very high on my list. The 2006 film Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola is in my top ten.

Here is a great tip for quick falling asleep:

With thanks to The Independent in the UK

What helps me:

  1. Puzzling (just finished this Ravensburger one)
  2. Reading (currently reading An Echo in the Bone Outlander #7 by the wonderful Diana Gabaldon)
  3. Not watching Sabrina or other scary things (Penny Dreadful) right before I fall asleep
  4. bedtime yoga with Tara Stiles or Adriene
  5. Lavender hand cream by L’Occitane
  6. Silky eye patch
  7. A little bit of fresh air in the room and if it’s a noisy summer night or flippin cold, I will shut the window.
  8. Foot cream by AVEDA with a quick foot massage
  9. Bedtime meditation by the app Simple Habit
  10. Breathing slowly

And some tips from the Mayo Clinic

What helps you?  Let me know what you do and good luck with your sleep!

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Me goddamned too

I lost my shit this morning (the morning of Dr. Ford’s testimony to the Senate House Judiciary Committee) when I opened Insta and saw Busy Phillip’s post about being raped when she was 14 with a #tbt school photo of her at that very age.

I didn’t really lose my shit. I will rephrase.  I reacted normally by starting to cry. Though I have never met her, I was extremely sad for her and for all of us. It was perhaps, the words ‘it’s taken me 25 years to say this’ that got me. Or maybe it was ‘I told my family 4 months ago’. How sad and helpless her family must have felt to hear this.

I looked at her 14 year old self and I wondered about this beautiful young woman.  How did she do it?  She survived and she thrived.  I love her. I love you, Busy. Your posts of going to the gym, get me to the gym on a regular basis. Your posts of you laughing and telling funny stories make me happy.  Keep doing it.

So I will say the words that I have not been saying for so very long now.

Me too. Me goddamned too. Me too everyday, every goddamned day.

And It is most days (unless you hide like I used to) that woman of all ages and backgrounds are treated like second class citizens and even worse than second class citizens. We are disrespected, disapproved of and frowned upon. Every day that we live. We are catcalled at, we are treated unsuitably, inappropriately and illegally.

We all now have a wonderful new role model, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, professionally she is simply Dr. Blasey. Dr. Ford’s courage and honour during her testimony at the Senate hearing was unprecedented. She is indeed a very special woman. Thank you, Dr. Ford for being so brave and thank you, Professor Anita Hill for being so brave so many years ago.







October 5th update:

Busy was on the @TheEllenShow

click here to watch the 5 minute video

Thanks to both Ellen and Busy for their bravery.

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Shame on the @NFL for its abandonment of Colin Kaepernick and kudos to @Nike for its support (especially financially) of a former 2011 2nd round pick #QB


I appreciate for profit companies, like Nike, that use their marketing power to take a stand and promote what is right in the world.

Also, beautiful tribute to Serena, Queen of Everything, especially tennis and being a first time mom!! Ps. Has the @WTA gotten rid of their archaic rating system yet? While Serena was off having her baby, her standing from # 1 dropped to #454 in the world. While at least the US Open has arrived in 2018!

Oh and have you checked out her new line-I want the black and white tutu dresses she just wore!!


Also, nice tribute to Alphonso Davies who made the @CanadaSoccerEN ‏ men’s soccer team at 16.