First day of school

Well, my older one had been told he could participate in 30 minutes of in-class (both of our kids are doing at home learning-grade 6 and grade 10) and it would be mostly how school will work in the classroom (2 classes, 3 teachers who will move in and out while the students stay put, each teacher teaching 2 courses to minimize people and movement). It ended up being an hour long and then he met his math and sci teacher to pick up his math book a few hours later at the high school, wearing masks, of course. My oldest is one of two students in the class doing at home google meet. There is one other grade 10 class but I don’t know if there are any kids doing at home learning in that class.

The little starts next Tuesday and we have no details yet other then he won’t be assigned a teacher from our town’s only elementary school where all of his friends attend. It will be a teacher from one of the larger towns in our valley. So I assume that again, not many have registered for at home learning in grade 6 so they can just lump them all together from 4 small towns.

I am feeling very strange about all of this. I don’t understand why the kids are back to school when school just ended in June and our covid numbers have only gotten worse. So what exactly has changed since March? What happens when we (god forbid) lose someone in the school to covid? Doesn’t everyone go online anyway if they get sent home?

No one should be inside a physical classroom right now. Our mla’s are not allowing walk-in’s to their constituency offices so why on earth would schools be open? I am disappointed in Dr. Hinshaw and I have no words, that I care to type, to tell you how I feel about our provincial government (or rather lack of government) and the despicable party that unfortunately (mis)leads.

Update: There are a total of 5 kids in both grade 10 classes that are learning from home, zooming into the classroom and my younger son knows two other kids from his class last year who are also in his regional class which totals about 30 kids with the teacher based in a school that is 30 minutes away.

Also, enrolment is down due to our 85% unemployment rate (resort town) with 50 families leaving the valley. Our elementary school has 377 kids attending and 49 in the online regional school. Masks are compulsory for grades 4-8.

Well here we are…3+ months in…

Almost 4 months in to our global pandemic and here we are. Have you lost it yet? I have (many times but that is normal for me). I have enrolled in a second session of Landscape Paint classes via #Zoom for an hour and a half of bliss every week ( my teacher is amazing- Art With Mindy). I am trying not to be on social media too much (ha ha!) and my daily bike ride is on holidays but I intend to rectify that today.

I have started Deepak and J. Balvin’s 21 day meditation with the Chopra Center once again-link is here if you care to try it out at 18 minutes a day.

In terms of yoga, I have fallen down on that one as well but a great place to start is with Yoga with Adriene who is a dream and accepts no money for yoga that she posts to YouTube (although she receives tons of it in the mail!!)

So I hope that wherever you are you have a wonderful day and here is a picture that I took at Lake Louise, Alberta a few years ago to make you smile…or contemplate that receding but beautiful glacier!!

You! Yes, you! Well done.

To everyone posting about/signing petitions for justice for George Floyd and #blacklivesmatter for the first time:

Well done 👍🏼 this shit happens every day in the u.s. and has been happening since day 1 (prior to 1863 emancipation) but I am glad that the pandemic has given you time to reflect on these atrocities. Yes, of course, all lives matter but what other minorities are being hunted like this one is?

Keep reading, keep forming opinions, study history, it is fascinating and it will serve you well.

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Back to pre-pandemic early? Damn straight, it’s too early!

Mike Commodore on Twitter: "Folks...not a big quote guy...but saw ...
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This new world

Seeing the lack of trees 🌲 (on hwy 93) from the great fire 🔥 summer of ‘03 still freaks me out. Fortunately, that is as close as it got to Banff – the edge of the park boundary. My kids weren’t around for that one but 🔥 it came close. They were around for the floods 🌊 in ‘13 ten years later (and they lost the last week of 🏫 school and one birthday party 🥳)and for the Fort MacMurray fire 🔥 in 2016 where 88,000 people were evacuated. These are strange times indeed.

Really the only thing I remember from childhood out of the ordinary is sliding down snow banks on the road that were occasionally 6-8 feet high in the winter ❄️ and that one Ontario holiday 🎄 ice 🧊 storm in ‘98 where half our block had power and the other half didn’t ($5-7 billion in damage).

Hwy 93 west to Radium Hot Springs

Deleting/unfollowing celebs on #socialmedia

Wow! I have been slowly deleting anyone rich and famous that I follow on #instagram for a few months and I actually feel less anxious and happier on the whole. I have kept Tom Hanks and Idris Elba and the Rock, Elizabeth Warren and a few activists, but I really only want to hear from down to earth people who give back.

My feed is now only friends, local shoppes, artists and designers. So joyful! I highly recommend this practise!

COVID-19: Rescue teams warn backcountry users to limit risk in Alberta, B.C. mountains

Rescue groups in the mountain parks are asking backcountry users to choose low-risk activities at a time when resources are stretched due to COVID-19…

COVID-19: Rescue teams warn backcountry users to limit risk in Alberta, B.C. mountains

ATB Financial offering mortgage, loan payment deferrals during COVID-19

ATB Financial will allow customers to apply for deferred payments for mortgages as well as personal and business loans, starting immediately.

ATB Financial offering mortgage, loan payment deferrals during COVID-19
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